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Silver Belladonna Lily Bracelet

Belladonna Lily Bracelet

This sterling silver bracelet features three bealladonna lilies with stems entwined around a silver band.

Silver Belladonna Lily Bracelets






Soleil D'Or Flower Silver Bracelet Rebecca Smith Jewellery Isles of Scilly


Soleil D'Or Bracelet with Entwined Stems

Three Soleil D'Or Narcissus flowers with entwined stems feature on this bracelet which measures approximately 1 3/4" across.

Each flower is set with a 3mm Swarovski Crystal.

The toggle clasp fastening allows the bracelet to be worn at three different lengths.

Scillonian Soleil D'Or Narcissus



Gold and Silver Delicate Bracelets




Gold and Silver Delicate Bracelets

These narrow wrapped bracelets come in sterling silver or 14K gold-fill. There are two strands of twisted gold or silver running through the middle of the bracelet and the fastening is a simple clasp.


Large Turquoise Filigree Bracelet

Large Silver Filigree Bracelets

A sterling silver bracelet set with a large cabochon with twisted silver threads radiating out from the stone. The bracelet measures approximately 1 1/4" (30mm) in width across. Pictured from left to right, turquoise, blue lace agate, mother of pearl, aventurine.


Silver Blue Lace Agate Filigree BraceletLarge Silver Mother of Pearl Filigree BraceletSilver Aventurine Filigree Bracelet
Silver Amber Filigree Bracelet

Silver Filigree Bracelets

A narrower version of the large filigree bracelet, this bracelet measures approximateley 1" in width and is set with a 18mm x 13mm cabochon. Pictured from left to right, amber, green paua shell, green amber.


Silver Green Paua Sell Filigree BraceletSilver Turquoise Filigree BraceletSilver Green Amber Filigree Bracelet

Mackerel Fish Silver Bracelet Rebecca Smith Jewellery Isles of Scilly


Swimming Mackerel Bracelet

Eight mackerel swim across the face of this sterling silver bracelet which is embellished with Swarovski Alpinite gemstones which echo the vivid flash of the green and blue in a mackerels scales.

Rebecca Smith Jewellery - Isles of Scilly

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Photos by Katrina Aleska and Rebecca Smith



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